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Portals 2D for Windows Phones is Great…and Free

Here’s a freebie that’s really a great game. It’s a simplified version of the game Portals called Portals 2D and it’s free for January. I’ve been playing it and it’s a ton of fun (but I am stuck on the current level so I need to hit it a bit longer to get through it – the board in the screenshot in fact if anyone wants to walk me through it).  Anyway, the game has simple but very clean graphics and it’s very easy to control and maneuver in this puzzler. here’s the official description:

** Free for January! Grab it before the month ends. **

Can you think with portals? Open a gateway to a new and exciting type of game, this Portal-inspired platformer will test your portal-toting, cake loving avatar in a world where even your existence is tested.

Beautiful HD graphics, wonderful sounds, ingenious gameplay, and silky smooth animations make this game a must have.

Now you’re thinking with portals.

Definitely worth checking out. I’ve never played Portals before this version but I like it a lot already. It has 23 reviews and a solid 4.5 stars to give you and idea.