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Apple should release 5.3” iPod Touch and it definitely makes sense

Recent rumors around blogosphere and predictions by analysts think that Apple would release 7” iPad 3 in addition to its inevitable release of iPad 3 sometime around March of this year. apple-ipod-touch-4gI don’t know anything about it, but to me 7” tablet is a bad personal choice. I own original Sprint Galaxy Tab and a Sony 500 eReader and I feel those are bigger to carry in a pant pocket or small to hold. We also have an iPad2 and Sony Tablet S at home and those sizes are more comfortable for me over the 7” Galaxy Tab any day, of course that is my personal opinion about that size and may contradict with whole lot of people who admire the size of 7” Tablets.

Recently while surfing the Best Buy store nearby I found Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0. This same in size of the Samsung Galaxy Note phone. I felt this size as more comfortable to surf, read emails and surf web and do search. This would fit into most of the man pockets and lady handbags. I use HTC Titan (4.7” Windows Phone) and feel it is more convenient for me to do most of the tasks I do with phone – communications. I can do text, tweet, Facebook, LinkedIn, compose email, modify spreadsheets, presentations in addition to talking to people easily over any other smartphone and the bigger size definitely is helping a lot.  Please note that this is my personal opinion after using the Titan for nearly a month I have found the bigger form factor of phone is really helping, not annoying and this opinion may differ from your choice.

Galaxy Player 5 is a nice media player and a mini Tablet. The only issue with it is Touch Wiz, which I think is a mess that is in addition to the bad user experience of Android. The Galaxy Player runs on Android 2.3.1 (Gingerbread) and I am not sure whether that would be upgradeable in future. That would be a definitely a issue for Samsung to move this if Apple releases a competing iPod Touch in this size.

I don’t know whether Apple would release its iPhone 5 in this size or not, but if it releases an iPod Touch in the size of Galaxy Note or Titan, that would help a lot of people who would love to buy a Tablet, which could fit into their pockets. With the enormous collection of Apps that are dedicated for its iOS platform, which powers iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads, Apple definitely can make this a big hit. Most of the people who are thinking about to own a new iPod Touch or planning to upgrade their existing ones, and looking to buy a smaller Tablets would consider this.

Note to Microsoft: Microsoft please release a music player powered by Windows 8 (Or Windows Phone 8) in this form factor and I think it will become a huge hit. Android media players are a mess, this I found after playing media on Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung Galaxy Player, Motorola Atria, HTC EVO 4G and HTC EVO 3D. I love my Zune HD and iPod Touch over these any day.