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Protect your iPhone 4 with a Steve Job’s Carbonite Case!

Steve-Jobs-Carbonite-CaseThe irreverent train keeps a rollin’ on and this time it is stopping at Apple’s station for a dose of Steve Job’s Carbonite Case protection for your iPhone 4. I hope the developers of this case aren’t planning on sending their kids to college with the proceeds of this case’s success in the marketplace because Apple most likely has a platoon of lawyers drawing up the Cease and Desist letter heading to Studio6 who is behind the Han Solo inspired case for Steve Job’s. With all Steve Job’s health issues, this is definitely not in the best of taste, but pretty funny none the less. 

If you are into truly tasteless iPhone 4 covers featuring Steve Job’s dressed out in Jabba the Hut’s best Carbonite leisure suit, then plan on quickly spending 35 bones to get it.

While we are at it, why not view Steve Jobs practicing for his iPhone 5 keynote speech, Check it out here.

Via Cult of Mac