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PS4 to feature tiered subscription and full downloaded games

Sony is leaving nothing to chance with the PlayStation 4, Yoshida has spoken, and the fans will have choice.

“We could have gold, silver or platinum levels of membership, something like that,” Yoshida says. “We can do subscription services when we have more content – especially now that we have the Gaikai technology available. With one subscription you have access to thousands of games – that’s our dream.”
Yoshida says the PS4 will have more digital content than its predecessors, at least: Every game will be available as a download, while some will still be sold at retail. This makes it easier to host smaller games such as Jonathan Blow’s The Witness, and it supports a broader range of payment models, such as free-to-play or subscription-based games.
“We’re shifting our platform more and more to the digital side,” he says. “PS4 will be similar to PS Vita in that every game will be available as a digital download, and some will also be available as a disc.”

This is a good medium between the free state of PSN as it is now, and offering a more enticing premium service fans won’t mind buying into like Xbox Live. Also a win for the PS4 camp is the downloadable games. Still no word on what that will do for price, but I think it’s a step in the right direction, the days of camping out a gamestop for a new release should be at an end! Lets go Sony!


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