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Skreeky Social Chat Hits Windows Phone 7

Skreeky is an app that is currently available for the iPhone and Windows Mobile that lets you chat with your friends or random people, even walkie talkie style. And by chat I mean your voice…like real chat. The developer has stated that a prototype of Skreeky is implemented for WP7 so expect it to come. It’s probably a good time to go through the features of Skreeky so you can grab it now and know what to expect:

Skreeky is a position based audio chat that makes it possible for you to get in contact with your friends and make new friends by talking to all of them at the same time! You just download the application to your phone and turn it on. You will then immediately be connected to our server and be able to hear other users and add your own 5 second contributions. Chat away! If you want (and have GPS enabled) you can choose only to talk to people in your near area – you have a slider to define what radius around you want to listen and contribute too. Imagine you are out on the city. You turn the application on and choose a 500 meter radius. Suddenly you have a bunch of people talking about what is happening right now in your close area! You can ask for advice: Where do I get a good cup of coffee? What bar is happening right now?… or, you can just tell everyone what a wonderful day it is!


  • Multi user audio chat
  • Listen and talk only to "friends" close by
  • Push-to-talk walkie-talkie feel
  • Language filter (to filter out other languages)
  • Customizable channel name + Facebook channel

For more details on Skreeky you can check out their site. it’s free. They mention an Android version but I’m not sure if it’s available yet.

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