We all know that Microsoft’s Windows 8 line is going to be a direct tablet competitor. That’s always been their goal, even though they are late to the game. But remember, they are bringing a full OS (and not a mobile OS) to the table. And here’s a glimpse of a quad core slate they displayed at TechEd 2011 NZ.

So we’re looking at something around the 10” screen size and a matte finish. Granted not a lot more but remember, we’re looking at a full OS on what is otherwise a typical looking slate…except with a quad core CPU of course. And since the hardware is in line with other slates you can expect a price point to match. Added to this is that Microsoft said that it will be giving these away to attendees at an upcoming MS event (likely Build).

W8 can’t come soon enough…

You can see the original photos here.

via zdnet


  1. I want that updated ASUS EEE Transformer with Win8 thats coming out next year. It will probably be thinner and lighter than this year’s Android version.

    I’m getting excited.

  2. If that OS is anything like the mobile OS, one should expect delays and an incomplete product that will use the lab rats buyers to test it. But don’t worry, MS will give all types of promises that they are changing this and that with a new update inseveral months that actually takes a year.

    Oh boy, I can’t wait for Windows 8

  3. I’m at work and have no other choice but Windows but I’m sure if that tablet is a hit I will be in line to get one. I just don’t want to be a test subject for MS. I’ve done that with WM and as you can see, I still have a hard dislike for MS after that failed project. I need a tablet really bad but don’t want to go the unstable Android route and I’m not a fan of “lock it down” Apple.

    So, DK save me a spot.

  4. @RowdyC:

    Let me ask you a question Rowdy. Since when have you ever seen a Windows OS that was incomplete? Don’t bother replying because we already know the answer. Only you would compare Windows 8, the most important product in Microsoft’s history, with a mobile OS.

  5. I loved WinMo, wish I could have stayed with it. But the Device determined my last buy, and it will for the next. I don’t see a 10″ in my near future though. I am hoping Windows Phone can come up with my next device. Soon. Peace

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