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ColorBlast: Like Bejeweled but online 2 minute rounds (for WP7)

Neat little (free) game I just noticed pop up in the Marketplace called Colorblast. It’s a real time 2 minute round where you try to clear as many blocks as you can while competing against the world. It reminds me of Wordament which is addictive because of the real time features. Anyway, here’s their description:

Color blast is a two minute online game, where you blast away blocks in a joyful full display of colors. At the end of 2 minutes, you are ranked in the war room against players from all over the world. Compete with internet players around the world in this delightfully juicy game.

Tap a block and all the blocks around it with same color, will blast away. Careful!Will lose points if you blast a single block. But, blast the whole grid of same color and it is a FULL HOUSE! So, bigger the group of blocks blasted, bigger the score.

Game starts every 2 minutes. Don’t be late!

You can get more info and download it here.