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Quicken Loans is first lender with a mobile mortgage app

Is there anything you can’t do with a mobile device? The answer is pretty much no, but the real question is there an app for that? So say you are looking for that first new home to start a family and you and your blushing bride find that perfect palace with the white picket fence. What’s next? Well  you are most likely going to need a mortgage right? It’s time then to pull the wife away from measuring windows and laying out her furniture to head home and start the loan process. That was yesterday. Today, you can simply download the new Quicken Loan app on your iOS device which “guides clients from their initial application to the closing table…” according to Quicken.

The new Quicken Loan app will keep you updated while your loan is in process and allow you to submit documents when needed by taking pictures of them from your iPhone 4’s camera and uploading them to Quicken.

Is there anything left that needs an app? Wait, where’s that Facebook app for the iPad again? (stop laughing Ramon)

Here’s more from Quicken:

Nation’s largest online lender takes mortgage process mobile to iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad platforms

DETROIT, June 28, 2011 — Quicken Loans Inc., the nation’s largest online home lender, today became the first mortgage provider to offer a mobile app that enables clients to apply for a home loan from the palm of their hand with the launch of "MyQL Mobile." The app, available for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, guides clients from their initial application to the closing table, all part of the company’s mission to provide a home loan experience that is "Engineered to Amaze."

MyQL Mobile by Quicken Loans simplifies the complicated mortgage process by providing real-time home loan status updates, immediate access to a home loan expert with the touch of a button, and an interactive list of all loan documents needed to begin the home loan process. Clients can conveniently submit these loan documents by taking a picture of them with their iPhone 4.

Whether clients need a mortgage to purchase their dream home or are looking to refinance and lock-in lower monthly payments, MyQL Mobile provides an easier path to closing a home loan.

"At a time when consumers expect to have instant access and visibility to all of their purchasing decisions, it only makes sense that we offer our clients a new window into one of the most important purchasing decisions they will make to reach their financial goals," said Bill Emerson, Quicken Loans CEO.

"MyQL Mobile is a milestone in our history," continued Emerson. "We became the first mortgage provider to offer home loans in all 50 states from centralized online web centers, as well as the first to adopt e-signature technology. Now, with our new mortgage app, we become the first to offer the easiest and most efficient mortgage process ever available to consumers."

MyQL Mobile by Quicken Loans combines a simple, easy to understand user interface with the efficiency of providing clients with an amazing mobile experience for the processing of their home loan.

Please visit MyQL Mobile to view a video demonstration of MyQL Mobile by Quicken Loans.

MyQL Mobile can be downloaded for free by visiting Quicken Loans. Quicken Loans clients will need a MyQL login to access the app’s features.