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Qik Comes Along For The Ride to WP7?

8.5 Billion for Skype?  Outlandish you say?  Well we now have discovered that the video recording and sharing service, Qik, is coming along for the ride.  You see, Skype finalized their purchase of Qik early this year and now Microsoft has yet another audio/visual communication stalwart in the fold.  It is not a stretch to say that Microsoft has the most comprehensive audio/visual communication set of products in the mobile arena.

For those who aren’t familiar with Qik you can record and share video live!  Its like Google’s YouTube but LIVE!  Apple’s Facetime only works on wi-fi. Qik is far more than just a video chat service.  You can send notifications to popular services like Facebook, Twitter and others to keep people updated when you record something new.  That’s just some of the cool stuff you can do with Qik.

Lets be clear, Microsoft’s aim is not just to create apps it is to integrate services in a compelling way.  We’re fairly sure Mango will feature Twitter and Live Messenger integration in the People Hub and it is very possible that both Skype and Qik features will be integrated down the road.

So what do you, the reader, think of the Skype deal now?  Does the addition of Qik in the deal make it any better or is it a nonstarter?  Personally, I feel like Microsoft has struck gold and with proper integration and prioritizing getting both Skype and Qik integrated they will have far and away the best communication (consumer & business) solution in the game.

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Source: Geekwire Spills On Quik