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T-Mobile Doubling Up with HTC HD7

  News and rumors are breaking fast and furious as Microsoft gets ready to announce the retail availability of their new mobile platform Windows Phone 7.  TMoNews breaks a potentially huge story that T-Mobile will be getting the same HD7 as Europe with one very big exception-DOUBLE THE MEMORY!  Yes you read right, 16GB instead of the 8GB Europe users will get to play with.

This has launched heated discussions on other sites about the lack of memory.  So I ask you, the reader, when did 8GB become way too small a memory minimum to succeed in today’s smartphone market?  I don’t get it since there are tons of people who are still carrying around feature phones and smartphones with 1 and 2 GB cards in them.  Heck I’m rocking an 8GB SD card and refuse to load it to the brim.  Nothing good ever comes out of stuffing storage space.  Years of computer maintenance training and user experience has taught me that.  Anyway let me know why and when it became so lame to have “only” 8GB of memory in the comments below.

Courtesy of: WMPoweruser