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Review of Joe Boxer Datatouch Texting Gloves

Most of the US is snow covered and cold, at least here in Pittsburgh PA it is, right now it’s 27F, but on Sunday it will be 4F, which to me is really cold. Gloves are a necessity for sure but the problem is that it’s rather difficult to use your phone with gloves on unless you get specific touchscreen capable gloves like what I have for review today. I have a few pairs actually, and I was shopping for a new pair of gloves for my son and stopped at Kmart as it’s close to me and while I was there I also picked up two pairs of Joe Boxer Datatouch Texting Gloves for only $4 for myself as I like to have spares and for that price it’s well worth it. The gloves work perfectly well, I have pairs that cost five times as much, and these work just as well. So read on to learn more…


Product: Joe Boxer Datatouch Texting Gloves

Price: $3.99

Overall Rating: 4.5/5



The unique fabrication of the Datatouch texting gloves allows you to use your smart devices with your gloves on. The first finger and thumb incorporate a special fiber that transfers your touch through the glove onto the screen.


Impressions / Review:


The gloves don’t come in any special packaging, just a hang tag, yes it’s two pairs for $4. I found these on Amazon as well, but the price is $4.95 + $4.49 shipping which is ridiculous. If you’ve got a Kmart near you stop by or even order them online for store pickup for free.



The gloves are black in color but the index and thumb are slightly off colored at the tips. It’s hard to see in the below picture but you can see in the next.



Here’s a close up of the tips, it’s really barely noticeable but the top three-fourths of an inch is touch sensitive. It doesn’t say exactly what it is but other gloves it’s a capacitive type of threading woven in.



They’re called gloves and they fit well, very tight on my hands. They’re not very long, but just long enough to cover my wrist. They’re knit, more like what I would consider mittens, and they are kind of thin so I’m not sure how well they’ll keep me warm in very cold weather. Knit style is nice and it’s soft and comfortable but it has holes in between the knitting so it’s not the best at keeping out the cold wind, still it’s better than nothing for sure.

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I have three other pairs of capacitive gloves right now, two of them are the knit style so that’s what I show in the picture below for comparison. The other pair is from North Face and they’re more of a neoprene material. The Joe Boxer pair is far on the right, the pair on the far left are ones that I actually reviewed here back in February of 2014, the Totes SmartTouch Gloves and yes I still have them and wear them all the time.



My phone is the HTC One M7 and that’s what I use all the time, I love it, but as I said it’s cold and these gloves work just perfectly.



I’ve found some gloves meant to be used with touchscreens aren’t always that good, but these from Joe Boxer work just fine with my HTC One. I’ve worn them in the cold and used my phone with them and found them to work perfectly well, it was honestly like I was using my bare hands.

As far as keeping the cold out, they work well, the wind does get through a bit, but they are better than nothing obviously.





For the price I paid for two pairs of these gloves, they’re very well worth it. $4 for two pairs is just an excellent price, and they’re actually name brand, as it were.

It’s cold out but you still need to use your phone or tablet and it’s hard without the right pair of gloves and these work perfectly, it’s like I was using my bare hands.

They are knit gloves so there is small holes in the weave than can let the wind in when it’s bitterly cold out there, but they do work well at keeping the cold out and yet allow you to use your touchscreen devices.

If you’ve got a Kmart nearby stop in and grab a couple pairs, I think they’re well worth it and you can beat the price I think.




+ Low price
+ Work perfectly with touchscreen devices
+ Comfortable


– Rather thin really



Disclosure: This product was given to us for review by the company for review purposes only, and is not considered by us as payment for the review; I do not, never have, and never will, accept payment from companies to review their products.