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I’m not sure if this is brilliant or just plain goofy ?!?! let’s you rent a case for your phone for as cheap as 11 cents per day. There are three different yearly plans, Standard, Premium and Deluxe, which each cost differently and they offer different cases. I can understand this being great for someone for changes phone a lot or someone who might like to change the case on their phone, but really renting a case for you phone? Below is the full PR, read it and visit the site then you tell me what you think…., a radical new company emerging in the cell phone case industry, allows smartphone users to rent and change the latest and most fashionable new phone cases online. Available at, the company is now promoting its affordable yearly plans. With a wide array of options for both iPhone and Samsung devices, the company allows customers to constantly update the look of their phone without spending an excessive amount of money on new cases.

“At, we are proud to offer the most affordable and efficient way to own cell phone cases; customers will never have to buy a new phone case again with our unique yearly plans. Our newly launched site currently features hundreds of designs for the iPhone 4, 4S, and 5, in addition to the Samsung Galaxy S III, and new products are added every week. Our plans are ideal for smartphone users who don’t want to spend money on fashionable cases that they’ll only use for a few months. When they sign up with us, customers can try out the newest designs and styles without paying retail prices,” said Kirill Chumenko, CEO of

The site is currently showcasing its three yearly plan options: Standard, Premium, and Deluxe. Under the Standard and Premium plans, customers can change as many cases as they want from a wide selection of silicone, plastic, leather and 3D cases, starting at just $39.99 per year, or 11 cents per day. The Deluxe plan is available for only $99.99 a year — that’s just 28 cents a day — and offers Swarovski crystal and natural wood cases as well as all the options available with the other plans. Customers can rent up to two cases per month under the Deluxe plan.

Individuals who sign up for services can select two phone cases from the site’s large selection, and the chosen items will be delivered right to their door. When individuals are ready for a new phone case, they can simply return the one that they’re no longer using by sending it back in the provided prepaid envelope. The customers can also choose another case online and expect to receive it within a week.

Those who wish to own some of the cases they are renting can pay an additional low price of $14.99 per year under the Own’Em plan. Instead of renting cases, customers simply order and then own two high-quality cases per month. These no-hassle yearly plans are also easy to manage and feature a 30-day money back guarantee. 

To learn more about the wide array of Galaxy S III and iPhone5 cases in the company’s inventory, visit its website at or live chat with a customer service representative.