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Citrix confirms it’s on board for Windows 8 (pro and WinRT)

Apparently Microsoft’s big announcements this week have led to more big announcements:

In the wake of Monday’s announcement of Microsoft’s Surface tablet and yesterday’s announcement of Windows Phone 8, we’re more excited than ever about Windows 8 and the stunningly elegant array of ultra-books, tablets and now phones that will start appearing this fall. Faster and finger ready, Windows 8 is going to be a great new platform for accessing Citrix enabled apps and desktops using Citrix Receiver.

With the release of Windows 8 later this year, you’ll have a choice of using Citrix Receiver on your Windows 8 desktop or Receiver for Windows 8 Metro on either your Intel or ARM based Windows 8 devices. Receiver for Windows provides our most advanced desktop features, such as HDX optimizations for Lync, support for RemoteFX, and follow-me data with CloudGateway 2 and ShareFile. Receiver for Metro Preview will leverage key capabilities in Metro devices to deliver a native, rich experience. Some of the benefits Window 8 users will see are follow-me apps and desktops, touch enabled Windows apps hosted by XenDesktop, the ability to search apps via Metro charms and instant app and desktop access through Pin to Start

If you are trying the Windows 8 preview, you’re invited to install Receiver for Windows from today and give it a spin. Because Windows 8 is built on the same foundation at Windows 7, our customers are telling us that our current Receiver works for them. Then make sure to stay tuned for our announcement of the Receiver for Window 8 Metro Preview which is only weeks away.