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Retroburn Game Studios Shows 7 XBLIG For WP7

Retroburn has shown off a series of XBLIG that it is (or is likely to) bring to Windows Phone 7 and it’s some impressive stuff. There’s a learning game for kids, a 3D arcade racing game, billiards (more in a second), a tower defense game (that is only ‘likely’ for WP7), a second racing game that’s simpler (but they note you can build tacks and “You can then share your track on Xbox Live with other players who can also set their lap times”), a Simon says games with some varied game modes, and finally a sliding puzzle game.

Billiard looks awesome to me. They note “The game features multiple game modes including 8 Ball, 9 Ball and Rotation. The game contains single player modes but is really intended to be played with other players and has a variety of multiplayer game modes. The game is to be released on XBLIG and a WP7 version is currently being play-tested to determine the best control system for the touch screen interfaces.”

Wow, there’s a lot of great work coming from these guys. Check out their blog for more information.


via Ginny Caughy