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Rock Your iPhone Tip

All right Jailbreakers I’m sure most of you use Cydia to get your jailbroken apps.  Well I want to introduce you to Rock Your Phone.  Rock can be found in Cydia and contains many of the same functionality as Cydia with one noticeable difference.  After installing Cydia, Rock and OpenSSH, I was going to change my root password when I decided to fire up the Rock app.  Well to my surprise after Rock loaded up it prompted me to change my root and user passwords.  All I had to do was enter the new password and click o.k. and poof it was done.  I didn’t need MobileTerminal at all, besides it is not ready for primetime yet for the iPhone 4; it’s only in Beta.  So there is a nice little shortcut for you to change your root password using Rock.  Enjoy!

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