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Rumor: HTC HD3 To Be Called The HD7?

Skipping right on by 4, 5, & 6, HTC has jumped ahead to HD7 to correspond with the new operating system the successor to the HD2 will use. In a leaked document from UK carrier 02, they are showing the new HD7 landing on October 18th. Whether or not this is the “Real McCoy” or just a nice Photoshop teaser is anyone’s guess. For now we here at Mobility Digest are just in the bring it on already mindset.

So for us here in the US, we will have to wait once again for the coolest of cool HTC Devices to make their way over here. Just once we would like to see something make it’s way over here fist (TyTN II/Tilt, Fuze/Touch Pro, Tilt 2/Touch Pro 2, HTC HD2/T-Mobile HD2), but we would settle for the same time!

[source: Engadget]

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