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KaKa Fighter–Bad Name But Great Title (WP7)

I know the name KaKa Fighter may not be the most attractive but its actually a solid game. It’s a flyer/shooter that has crisp graphics that are cartoony in nature but also excellent controls. The gameplay itself is simple as you just shoot/bomb everything that gets in you way and avoid getting hit and need to stay alive to the end of the board. Throughout each level the enemies get better but it also has realistic elements, like when you shoot down a plane it takes out anything it clips no the way down and your bombs dropped proportionately to how you’re moving.  And controlling your fighter is as simple as moving your finger with the controller resetting based on where your finger is so it’s simple as anything. Combine that with the price of $0 and it’s a great value that will keep you entertained.

Check it out here.

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