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Rumors of Sony WP7 handset.

I love finding good news at the beginning of the day.  This sounds like a nice set of hardware too.  Sony Ericsson is rumored to be working on a 4″ obviously capacative multi-touch display phone running the Windows Phone 7 OS.  It’s going to have a slide-out qwerty that I’m praying will be landscape, like the Xperia, and not portrait like the Pre.  Portrait keyboard keys are just too small after owning a landscape slider.  Right now the device is going under the code name Julie with no face to put to the name (that’s just a shop-job by Anudeep before anyone gets excited ).  This is all rumor stuff for now and I can’t be certain how right this is because when I tried to chase down the original story, jumping through links from place to place, you end up with THIS Japanese (?) site.

I think this will make for a pretty sweet phone due to screen size alone.  Sony isn’t known for making total crap hardware smartphones.  They usually mess up somewhere in the software side of things, which Microsoft has pretty much put an end to.  People’s complaints that the HD2 and Evo are pocket clogging monstrosities will be relaxed a good deal by the .3″ reduction, and those feeling a little too close to their 3.5″ screens can finally take a step back.  I liked the size of the Xperia as far as hardware is concerned and the software restrictions, coupled with stringent hardware requirements should keep this thing on track to be, quite possibly, one of the highest end devices for WP7 in the coming season.  Again this is all rumor for now, but the first English speaking SOURCE for this info claims it to be a fairly and previously reliable informant.  Now I want to see what it looks like.  Either way I doubt it can get much uglier than that LG everyone’s had to look at for the last few weeks.