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Running Windows Mobile And Android Simultaneously

There are a few projects on XDA and around the web to load Android onto WM devices. Some are really far along (particularly the Tilt’s). But with those solutions you actually launch WM and then within WM you launch Android which closes WM and boots to Android so at any given time you are only in one operating system at a time and you need to close and reboot to the other operating system if you wanted to switch. Well here’s a little preview of a Windows CE device that is also running Android simultaneously so you can run apps in real time from either operating system and both are up and running simultaneously. The advantage is that the available apps just sky rockets and of course for developers it’s easier to bring apps to the market since they won’t need to make them for multiple OS’s if this became a reality. Anyway, we can always dream but here’s a video of it in action at VMWorld from ZDNet: