Android has all the cool hardware except maybe camera hardware where the iPhone still dominates with the HTC Titan a close second. But when it comes to processor hardware Android fans get all the cool toys. Take Samsung for instance which has been talking up the Quad Core Exynos Process coming to the Galaxy S III. It looks like we have a date with SGSIII at the 2012 Mobile World Congress February 27 through March 1, 2012 in Barcelona, Spain. Some other specs look like the Super AMOLED Plus 720 Display, Big Red 4G LTE Speeds, oh wait, AT&T too if you are in the luck few who have it, 2GB of Ram, which is one more than the current Google Flagship Galaxy Nexus, and ICS Android version 4.0.

ETNews says that the SGSIII will also include 3D Technology  which includes display, camera, and video capture as well. It is also rumored that the 3D capability will include some Sammy goodness to include it in 3D TV’s. One more reason to get a 3D TV right?

It’s all good in the Android neighborhood if you are the latest and greatest hardware fan, but after using the HTC Titan with it’s single core, it has now been proven to me that wonders can me done with less processor. I have not had much time with ICS, but I have not been too impressed with lag, especially screen orientation. In any case, it looks like the stars will align at the end of February for a Samsung Galaxy S III announcement at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain.

[via: unwiredview]


  1. The more time passes the more itbsems Apple was right to try and atop Samsung instead of seek patent license fees. Samsung is going on an annual upgrade cycle but gets the advantage of testing hardware components on different models throughout the year. If Google is able to bring a consistent unifying OS Samsung will only continue to grow at exponential rates.

  2. Well there is that. Then again millions of man hours by the xda community will be poured into tweaking everything on the phone to make it satisfactory.

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