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New Game for Android: Qach!

It seems like an app kind of day… Another new game release, this time for Android called Qach!. I’m guessing it’s pronounced ‘Quack’ and it seems like a cute little game where you catch eggs basically. Price is 99 cents and it’s available now in the Android Market.

Today Latman Interactive Inc. announced the launch of Qach (pronounced ‘catch’) on the Android platform, giving players the opportunity to help the duck residents of Quackville beat their arch nemesis: The geese. Starting today, players can download the game for 99 cents in the Android Market.

Qach! challenges players to catch and juggle an ever expanding variety of eggs thrown by the evil geese. Each of the eggs has unique properties and if the player can keep them in the air long enough, they will hatch and help repopulate Quackville. Throughout the exciting gameplay players can earn bonus coins, throw eggs into special nests and combine eggs into unique and fun combinations.

The Android version of the game is now available in the Android Market.