When we were first provided with the specs for the Samsung Focus, Microsoft had listed it as 3 hour talk time, 250 hour standby. time I couldn’t wrap my head around how it could be so bad when other Windows Phones were better and they’re all essentially the same specs (chipset wise at least). Well we have some updated specs. Samsung’s site now lists the battery life as 6.5 hours of talk time and 300 hours of talk time. AT&T’s site lists it as 7 hours of talk time and 15 days (360 hours) of talk time. Ok so they’re not the same but they are double what we started with. That pretty much alleviates my biggest concern with the phone…so the fact that I have over 3 weeks to wait is just killing me.


  1. I agree the three weeks of wait is killing me as well. I hope that the people signed up with MS get priority treatment, in addition to three free months of ZunePass. Glad to hear the Focus is not as bad as the original specs seemed to indicate.

  2. Don’t want to sound like a cynic but guess they can say anything they want. Would sure like to know the battery size to clarify talk time. As you noted their site claims 6.5 hrs. and AT&T/Microsoft are both using 7hrs. It’s is a thin phone.

    Some other battery specs:
    -HTC 7 – 1230 mHz – 6.33 hrs talk time
    -HTC Surround – 1230 mHz – 4 hrs talk time
    -HTC 7 Pro – 1500 mHz – 5.5 hrs talk time
    -HTC Mozart – 1300 mHz 6.75 hrs talk time
    -HTC Trophy – 1300 mHz – 6.75 hrs talk time

    Oh, and LG does not even have their phone up on their site yet, so I guess they are really into this WP7 thing. Microsoft lists the Quantum at 7 hrs talk time and the Dell Venue at 7 hrs talk time as well.

    With everything going on with a WP UI, I am really interested in getting initial feedback on daily use/battery life. Guess I need to wait another few weeks for that.

  3. Maybe they posted the wrong phone design too!!! Maybe it really doesn’t look like a rehash of the iphone 3g (from the front anyway). Maybe they made it aluminum and not from at&t plastic…or maybe not…sigh, I’m still going to get it most likely but still.

  4. I have had the phone for two days, so limited experience….Fully charged does not last the day, and that is without any internet time. Also, charging is extremely slow. I had a Blackberry previously, and I could charge that fully in one hour. This takes several hours.

    I also don’t like the contact transfer. I now have up to ten phone number entries for many people, way too many duplications. Mobile numbers are now work numbers, and vice versa, but unpredictable. I don’t know if that is a Blackberry, AT&T, Samsung, or Windows fault.

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