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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Review @ T-Break

Here’s a piece of news for you, a review of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus over at T-Break. The team over at T-Break seems to really like it as they’ve given it their Recommended Award with only some small issues lists as cons like it’s a big phone, which is a personal preference really. They’re more than happy with it, so if you’re interested, hit the link to read their full review.



Quote: I have a bittersweet feeling as I type out this review. On one hand, I’m writing about a truly spectacular phone. On the other hand, I’m going to have to surrender it to my boss and go back to my humdrum Blackberry. I love how whenever I pop out of the office for a few seconds I return to find that my phone has gone on some kind of walkabout, being cradled in the grubby hands of one of my coworkers as they coo over this delicate little object in their hands. Make no mistake, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus certainly is a conversation starter in its own right, but the problem with it is that every person you meet will want to get their paws on it, even if for a few fleeting minutes.