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Samsung Galaxy S II US devices get pictured, Sammy event delayed

Samsung-Galaxy-S-II-USGood news and bad news for Android fans waiting for this Monday to get the good news on the Samsung Galaxy S II finally making it’s way here to the US. The bad news first. Because of Hurricane Irene, the originally scheduled Press Event on Monday August 29th will be delayed a day until Tuesday the 30th. A lot of precautions are being taken for this hurricane and for good reason. I caught the Cat 2 part of Katrina and they are nothing to mess with. Take cover folks along the eastern seaboard.

How about some good news? Pocketnow has scored and International version of the US family tree that Sammy was planning on announcing this Monday. Absent is the Verizon version of the SGS2 because of another device with very similar specs already in the works for Big Red. So what we have is the T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T versions getting caught in a sort of family portrait. There is also some speculation on the names the SGS2 devices will carry and what carrier will rebrand it with their own unique name. (Safe money on AT&T of course)

We’ll find out all the details on Tuesday and all things Sammy and the Galaxy S II will be made clear!

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