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Samsung’s GPS Restore App for Captivate and Vibrant

gpsrestoreThere have been a lot of reports from Samsung Galaxy S owners about the sub par GPS performance with very long lock times or even not being able to lock at all. When the problem with the GPS first hit, Samsung was quick to create a website, for folks to try to get answers. Then in September a fix came from Samsung and the feedback was mixed on how well it worked. Today we have an App that was found on AT&T’s AppCenter called GPSSamsungRestore which is free, but undetermined if it will make a positive difference helping the Samsung GPS lock faster or even at all. Mobility Digest has two Captivate owners and both of them have had no issues at all acquiring GPS locks.

The GPS Restore app is only available for the AT&t Captivate and the T-Mobile Vibrant and you can find the apps by clicking the links below which also has FAQ’s and a guide to installing and running the App:

AT&T Samsung Captivate Guide

T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant Guide


We’ll keep you posted if an app comes out for the Verizon Fascinate and the Sprint Epic 4G, both Samsung Galaxy S devices.