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Saving Yello Lite Lands In The App Store Fish Bowl

This game actually looks cool, I think it would be great for my kids. it’s called Saving Yellow and you can get it in a paid or lie versions so you can try it out. In the game you have to help get Yellow back to his fish bowel, yes he’s a fish, a gold fish it seems. I’ve got a ton of screen shots for you to check it out and I think the graphics look really good. You can get the lite version for free or the full version for just 99 cents.

Yello is a hapless goldfish at the mercy of his mischievous 7-year-old owner, Mathilda, who loves to play with him. Unfortunately for Yello, this means taking him out of his beloved fish bowl. Saving Yello and bringing him back to his bowl is the main quest, but players will soon learn that for every one of Mathilda’s toy destroyed along the way, they collect points. Different obstacles and toys also prove to be vulnerable to different power-ups. Now it’s starting to smell like revenge!

Combining power-ups the right way and the quest of getting Yello back to his bowl safely will quickly turn into a brain-teasing highscore chase.Saving Yello is a universal app available now on the iTunes App Store for the iPhone™, iPod™ touch, and iPad™ for $0.99. Get it here: