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Even Raj can buy a drink for a girl with Tweet-a-Beer

This could be awesome, yet painfully sad for those of you that are either too lazy to get up and physically buy a beer for someone or are too shy (Raj from Big Bang Theory) to buy that hot girl across the bar a beer. I keep thinking of Raj, who suffers from selective mutism in the presence of girls when sober, turns into an Indian Love Machine after a drink. He could buy a beverage for anyone using Tweet-a-Beer.

Tweet-a-Beer connects your Twitter account with PayPal via Chirpify. Basically what happens is you are sending $5 dollars to another person’s Twitter account that ends up in their PayPal account. You can only send $5 at a time but can send $5 dollars as many times as you  like. The receiver of your Beer Tweet will get a Twitter notification advising them they just got a Tweet-a-Beer and how to process it. Assuming that they aren’t already three sheets to the wind by that point or even hear the Twitter notification in a loud environment.

Girls that don’t wish to feel obligated to a particular Beer Tweeter can reject it, and can retweet the painful truth that you never had a chance with her to begin with. Tweet-a-Beer is pretty amusing but still requires the recipient to move the money to a bank account and physically order the beer or beverage themselves. It seems to come up short on the chivalry meter but any ice breaker for the faint of heart can’t hurt.

Please tweet responsibly.