Behold version 2.0 of our Window Phone app! We at Mobility Digest love our readers, and to show my personal appreciation for all of you(especially our WP7 readers, because let’s face it, I’m totally biased) I’ve done my best to unleash a host of new additions to this version of our Windows Phone app. I might not be the most skilled, knowledgeable, or talented developer for Windows Phone 7(actually, I’m quite sure I’m not), but I try my best to make up for it in effort.

I rewrote the entire app from the ground up. This new code allowed me to integrate some extra features which weren’t possible with the v1.0 code. I hope you’ll all enjoy using it, as much as I enjoyed making it for you guys! I tried to make the layout more user-friendly. Scrolling back and forth every time you wanted to change categories was not very efficient and has been replaced with a better design.

I know I promised in-app articles with reflowed text for easier reading, but I was unable to figure it out before submitting it to the Marketplace. I have since solved that problem and you can all look forward to reading articles without having to zoom around in the browser in version 2.1. So take it for a spin, and let me know what you think about the update in the comments below or via the in app feedback button on the about page.

[Zune Download Link]



Without further ado, here is the official changelog for v2.0:

  • panoramic article list view for each category
  • option to select/remove specific categories
  • added tilt effect to button presses
  • article published date/time shown in list view(added as a direct result from user feedback)
  • browse next/previous articles in same category without having going back to main list page
  • auto refresh option added (every 10 mins)
  • manual refresh button added to main page appbar
  • enabled sharing of articles via email
  • article refresh control added

Coming Soon:

  • full article text displayed in the app
  • toggle in app bar to switch between browser and text view
  • choice of setting text mode or browser mode as your default view


  1. I’d download it but Doug Simmons might start to think Microsoft is using this app to harvest our souls.

  2. Don’t know if there are supposed to be ads at the top. But at the moment it does not show any, but there’s a pretty huge black bar above the title and the top of my screen. Would be better if it takes advantage of the whole screen because now it seems kind of cropped..

  3. @Jens: Currently AdMob is the default ad provider and AdMob doesn’t always display ads when the app requests them. Not sure why this is when MS Ads always pulls the ads down. I added this since MS ads doesn’t support ads in any country other than the US. I will figure out a way to have the app auto detect regions in the future. If you are in the US, you can go to the settings page and check the “United States” box to have it display MS Ads instead of AdMob.

  4. The app seems really cool. I also like and appriciate the improvements since the last version. Any chance that in the next version you could pull the text from the site and display it natively in the app instead of launching a web page. Also integrating comments would be great.

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