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Windows Phone 7.5 Shakes Off the Hater-ade to Shine

EmoticonWithGlassesI thought I had stumbled upon an outdated article from 2010 when I happened across this article from PC World’s Justin Fieber.  I was taken aback when I read the published date after the end of the article mentioned Windows Phone 7.5.  The date was November 13th, 2011!

Its one thing to base your article on current marketshare results and talk about how Android and iOS rules the day when it comes to mindshare and sales.  This article doesn’t do that.  Instead we’re fed information on Microsoft corporate communication software and how people are adjusting to a mobile world and the simplicity that comes with mobile apps.  The only thing I hate worse than totally unoriginal content is “no sh*t Sherlock” grandstanding that only serves as a badge of misplaced credibility.

The wreak of hater vibes coming from this article is unmistakable.  Here is one excerpt taken from the article.

The Windows Phone 7.5 interface is interesting, but no more so than that of Android or iOS. Partnering with Nokia was a bold move, but in the end will be like climbing into a sinking lifeboat.

Is it me or does that sound an awful lot like Google’s Eric Schmidt comment about two turkeys don’t make an eagle earlier this year?

He doesn’t even respond to the marketing efforts being made by Nokia and the positive market reception of the Lumia 800 abroad.  The failure to cite any type of current statistics or news speaks to his agenda.  He wanted to publicly pass judgment on Microsoft.  This article’s true purpose was to attack Microsoft’s stance of pushing Windows unto tablets instead of a mobile OS.  I guess its easier to speak boldly when you take aim, in name, at an underdog and not the big dog.

Oh by the way Justin did you hear the news? Microsoft is viewed now as the clear third major mobile ecosystem.  If anything is too late its not Windows Phone but your article.  Why do I say this?  Check out the logo “bizarro Nostradamus” used in his article (pictured below)

Source: PC World