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Scribble Defense and Zombidemix Now Free (WP7)

After having success with Impossible Shoota, as a free game (which is now ad based), Elbert Perez has taken both Scribble Defense and Zombidemix and made them free (they now bear a ‘+’ symbol on them in Marketplace so you can differentiate the paid and free/ad based). It looks like this is where the Marketplace is headed as sales (even at just $.99) were not stellar while downloads of Impossible Shoota continue to grow and should have a decent revenues stream with the ads live in them. 

We’ve covered this before, but here’s Scribble Defense which is a tower defense game with intentionally hand drawn looking graphics that I think looks great and is bearing a solid 4 stars:

And Zombidemix is a zombie simulation game with lots of action and has a stellar 5 stars which is unheard of in Marketplace.

Both are available now, for free. Do you think this is where casual games are headed on Windows Phones? It’s a fine line because these games aren’t simple tic-tac-toe type games. There’s a lot of development that went into them but the market, so far, wasn’t responding at just $.99. I’m still a fan of having both – a paid version that’s ad free and a free/ad based version.