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Fhotoroom For Winodows Phone 8 Goes Hard

Oh Fhotoroom, how I loved thee. I waved my Fhotoroom flag like none other, it was a great Instagram replacement for the Windows Phone guy or gal in my life; myself included. It had a better UI, support for portrait and landscape, ability to share images to wherever (except instagram,) and the list goes on and on. A well polished and executed app for sure.

And thanks to the boys over at wmpoweruser, now we get to preview a monster list of improvements unleashed today!

  • Camera Bug Fixes
  • Updated Editor UI with Previous Filter Layout but still have Swiping option.
  • Complete Rewrite of Social from HTML5 to Native
  • 2-8x Faster Navigating, Loading, etc..
  • 4x photo quality
  • Double Tap to like
  • LightBox swiping <> to scroll through photos.
  • New Bandwidth Saver option.
  • New Option to turn Live Tile on/off
  • New Setting Panel
  • New Search
  • New UnBlocking option
  • Share too Instagram through Instagraph

Wowzers batman, someone has been busy! So, did you see that “Share too Instagram through Instagraph?” bit at the end? YES!

But still, Instance is here, instagram now works on my darling Lumia 920, and I was already happy, so ultimately, I don’t care. But, I’ll download the app one more time, give it a 5 star rating, and keep it pushing. Good job Dev, who ever you are.

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