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Scribble Defense For WP7 Already Updated and Improved

Just yesterday we mentioned the 6 hour Xbox to WP7 port of Scribble Defense and we have more news and some improvements to it already. First, as to the timing, it took 6 hours to port 80% of the game and at that point it was fully functional minus some artwork here and there. 6 freaking hours! Just awesome. Well since then there have been some artwork updates that definitely make the game pop a lot more. Elbert Perez, the developer, notes “New art assets are being used to bring Scribble Defense to life in Windows Phone 7. As well as a new control scheme and gameplay tweaks to make the game a natural fit Windows Phone 7. Scribble Defense for Windows Phone 7 will try to launch the same time the marketplace for Windows Phone 7 launches".” Want to see it in action now? It looks a lot better now. Very neat.