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WP7 Trial App Details – New App Shown

Long Zheng was just getting started. He’s also shown a little more on what trials will look like on actual phones. And more importantly, this resolves a gripe people have. The WM marketplace will not be filled with free apps. They want developers to make good apps and not have a race to the bottom. But to protect consumers they’ve built in a great trial system so you can try before you by. It’s not required but I have to believe this will be very popular. It’s a simple line of code to enable this. And devs can choose what kind of limitations they put on a trial as long as it is a fair representation of the paid app. One of the games shown is called Flowerz. Want to try it on your PC? It’s actually part of MSN games and made by an arm of MS. Here’s the link that opens using…Flash…so close to getting it right:) Oh and $5 for Othello is a bit steep, no? Especially for a game that get’s 2.5 stars:) (It’s a place holder for testing purposes – chill out kids)