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Send and Receive All Emails Accounts With One Click

Thank you Krazy About Technology of XDA. He’s put together a simple app that allows you to trigger a send/receive of all of your outlook email accounts at once. For me, that means when I finally get out of a dead zone (a subway or tunnel) I can have all of my accounts synced at once. It’s something that should be standard in ActiveSync but at least we have XDA to fix it:)

The download is available here. There’s just an .exe file and running it will trigger a send/receive. There’s no interface to the app otherwise but if you flip through your accounts you’ll see them doing their thing. I highly recommend making a shortcut into your programs directory and more likely mapping this to a key. For me, I see it coming in handy on a daily occurrence so I’ll likely be mapping it to a hardware key…I think it will become my power key🙂 Thanks K.A.T!