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Sense Failing? Peep Dead? Twitter Gone? Yeah That’s OAuth

tweet failJust a short while ago we warned you that Twitter’s changes to it’s APIs were taking effect and the result would be that some Twitter clients would fail. Well today is the day of reckoning. Yup – that’s my error message on Sense:

on August 31st, 2010 at 8am PDT, all basic auth requests will be served with a HTTP 401 error code.

So if you try to do anything fancy like use the Sense Twitter tab or HTC’s Peep…well you simply can’t any longer. You should disable your Twitter account in Sense since it will only lead to problems (both the tab and in ‘data services’). If you like to Tweet then you need to use an app that uses OAuth as it’s authentication method. I actually use Twitter like an RSS feed so even though I’ve installed Pocketwit I’ve been playing around with TwInBox which is actually linked to my Outlook (PC) and on my phone I’ve added that folder to sync so now I can read all of my Tweets and the read/unread status is synchronized to my inbox. I’m actually sort of liking that.

Anyway, share your Twitter solutions here and please note the platform you’re on as well so we can keep the Android, iPhones, Blackberry and WM users segregated like we like it:)

Note: PocketTwit failed. TwInbox is ALIVE! Uhm but that’s only a reader on the mobile side. If you want to Tweet you may need to pony up a solid buck or two

UPDATE: MoTWeets 100% works for WM. They have an ad based version for free or for $4 you can get the ad free version. It can be found here: