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SensorScroll Updated – Now Even Sicker

sensorscroll You probably all know I’m a fan of SensorScroll. It’s the application that gives you more functionality over the capacitive part of your Fuze/Diamond/Touch Pro (the entire lower dpad area). Well Demosten of XDA just released an update and I’m smiling already. You get all of the functionality of the prior release like scrolling through almost all programs (you can add others) including scrolling in TF3D (discussed further here and you’ll recall I like this so much I removed my vertical scroll bar because of it). Well he cleaned it up a little bit (improving some memory issues) but the big improvement is that there is more functionality added. So, if you double-tap the center of the dpad (no pressure needed, just tap it twice) you can activate advanced features that let you move left, right, up, down by just touching that portion of the dpad. So, in email I can now touch just below the dpad to go down one email at a time and if I press to the right I go to my text messages (as a right press should do). Or if I’m in TF3D I can navigate through the tabs and navigate the functions of each tab without touching the screen at all (So I can flick through emails than switch to the people tab and navigate through my favorites). And sometimes both functions are active like in Internet Explorer I can tap down to toggle to the next hyperlink or scroll through the page by going around the outside of the dpad and the same is true in the Programs directory. The advanced functionality is turned on by double-tapping the center of the dpad. There’s also a config file that lets you control the settings of SensorScroll. I know I’m easily impressed but I’m a big fan of this application. This goes a long way to alleviate the problems trying to get an accurate press of the dpad on our phones.

You should know that this conflicts with GScroll and does not play nice with S2U2.

So head over to this thread at XDA and don’t forget to thank Demosten for all of his efforts and his continued work on this project.