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There is already competition to Google Glasses

Well Google Glasses are sold to selected few during Google I/O and it will be heading towards General Availability and it is already banned at one of Seattle’s club, Now it has some kind of competition already from GlassUp ( with their Augmented Reality Glasses. They are making their glasses compatible with iPhone, Android and Windows Phone too and are available for pre-order at £299 (will be released sometime in September 2013). If you use prescription glasses, they have you covered you. In addition to this there is a Point of View Glasses, which are equipped with 8MP Camera/1080p HD Camcorder from Pivothead, from $299 and they have iOS and Android Apps to interact with the videos and photos you have taken from their glasses. It is very interesting to see how many are going to make accidents wearing these glasses and getting distracted and also getting banned from places for wearing these.