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SingleFile Lets You Save a Webpage in One Bigass HTML File with Errthang Jammed In

I came across this, uhh, let’s just call it a “4chan thread,” and I wanted to save the whole damn thing including images and surrounding hypertext. But I want the HTML and text preserved. How the heck do I do that, right? I don’t want to save-as and have it store one file then a folder with a zillion pictures and other random crap in it. No thanks! Taking a PNG screenshot of this huge page or a PDF? I ain’t got ram fo’ dat!

Not a problem chief. Among the 820,085 fine apps and extensions on the Chrome Web Store is SingleFile. You install it, it adds a little icon to the right of your address bar. Once you got it, go to any website, like this one, click that icon, give it a moment to think, and save the single HTML file it produces containing every damn thing of interest. Images, js, css, all of that is stuffed into the HTML file. That’s crazy! And guess what, the resulting file is compatible both with Chrome and also with the less popular browsers your lame coworkers use. Don’t believe me? How do you think I made this?

Yes I know know 66% of you aren’t using Chrome right now and there isn’t that much point in linking this extension, but my point is that Chrome’s a great browser (the best actually, as is Chromium, 1.4 billion users can’t be wrong) thanks to Google developers and the large and growing community of bright, happy people coming up with things like SingleFile. I suspect it can be done in Firefox, but how about IE? Stuck with saving as PDFs? C’mon fellas, grow up and get with the program. I’m looking at you, Jim.