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Skee Ball 7 Brings A Classic To Your Windows Phone for Free

imageimageHerm has done it again with another classic game for Windows Phones that’s beautifully executed. Skee Ball 7 is a classic skee ball game but what makes it fun is that you can redeem tickets for prizes. The prizes are essentially each a mini-app. The ‘helium’ for example is a voice recorder and then you can modify the speed so it sounds like you’re on helium and you can play with the pitch. All neat stuff and makes for a great time waster.

Here’s the complete description:

Skee Ball 7 is a classic Skee Ball game for your phone.

Simply flick your finger to get the ball into the holes for points.

Score a red ball and get a 2x bonus.

Score a blue ball and get a 4x bonus.

Get over 600 points and get three bonus balls.

Earn points, get tickets, buy prizes.

Realistic physics, fun timewaster, plenty of prizes to play with.

Right now it only has 5 star reviews and it’s free. You can get all of the details here.