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Skyfire released for the iPad

The wait is over for iPad owners who want to view Flash Embedded Video. Skyfire has now hit iTunes and is ready for download. A few days ago we learned that Skyfire had completed their Mobile Browser App that allows Apple Device owners to view Flash Embedded Video by converting it on their server to HTML5 and then using Safari to display the newly converted Apple approved video format. Skyfire was only waiting on Apple to approve the app which has some cool new improvements over the already approved iPhone version that made a huge hit when it launched. Features include:

  • Server side Flash conversion to HTML5
  • Quickview browser buttons at the bottom for Twitter, Facebook, and Google Reader
  • Fireplace which is a share function for links by your friends.
  • Universal Like button to share your content with your friends.

Skyfire is now official and ready for download after you drop a higher price than the iPhone app of $4.99.

If you want to see what all you get for your 5 bucks, Skyfire created this video pre-release to wet our appetites.

[via iPhoneFreak]