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Skyfire waiting on Apple for the iPad

Most everyone knows that Steve Jobs and the Apple crew will not be sending Adobe, the makers of Flash Embedded Video a Christmas Card this year. Jobs has made comments that HTML5 is the preferred video format used in their devices regardless if 75% of the internet uses Flash or not. So where did that leave iPhone users? Well, unless you Jailbreak, without the ability to view embedded flash video content. That is until Skyfire released their iPhone App which cleverly takes the Flash embedded video content and converts it HTML5 on their server before sending it back to you in HTML5. I have been using Skyfire since it was released and it works pretty good. So for Skyfire the naturally progression would be to release their browser for the iPad as well only with some improvements to make the iPad experience much more user friendly utilizing the larger screen.

One of the new features on the iPad version of Skyfire is Quickview. Basically there is a button at the bottom of the browser screen that when touched will bring up a nice looking Facebook feed that is embedded within the browser. You do not have to leave your browser to interact with your Facebook friends. Also included is a Google reader and Twitter button that again allows you to stay connected and interact without leaving your browser.

There is also a new feature called Fireplace that shares with you links sent by your friends. At anytime you can tap a link and open it up in a new browser window within Skyfire. Another cool feature is the Universal Like button as well as the Share Button. Both of these features allow you to share internet content with your friends fast and easy.

If you have an iPad and looking for better way to experience the internet, stay tuned because Skyfire appears to be close to hitting the App Store pending Apple’s approval. Check out the video below for a feel good on what to expect.

[via: iPhoneFreak]

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