Slingplayer for Windows Phone got hit hard in the ratings for having connection issues. Now I don’t know what was fixed, but wp7AppList shows that an update just went live so if you had issues, check out the update and share with the group. At $30 it should be pixel perfect…


  1. I swear they update SlingPlayer on WP7 almost twice a week. I’ve gotten about 3 or 4 updates for it already. None seem to add functionality. It takes forever to connect and switching quality “modes” requires it to disconnect and reconnect, despite Sling’s traditional focus on implementing variable streaming technologies. It’s very frustrating. Unlike the iPhone app, which does not “support” Slingbox Classic, but will still try to work with it, the WP7 app will not connect to a Classic at all. I’m very disappointed and at this time I feel that the old, no longer supported SlingPlayer (version 1) Windows Mobile 6 app is far better than the current WP7 version.

  2. @Mark Jonson: it’s sort of pathetic because WP7 can stream video better than any other platform. There’s Smooth Streaming that let’s content stream and if your signa gets better/worse the stream can vary with that in real time. If used, it’s supposed to be great. Of course, the underlying app still needs to be good…

  3. @David K: I agree. Personally, I think this SlingPlayer was rushed so it could be a launch app for Microsoft, not that most who dropped $199 to adopt a Windows Phone 7 device on the first day would be thrilled to shell out another $30 for a new SlingPlayer app among other things. I’m also irritated that in addition to the manual quality settings, that SlingPlayer will revent to Standard every time you restart it, regardless of whether you left with Standard or High selected. That’s fine for 3G, but because of capped data packages I usually use it with Wi-Fi and want the high quality stream. But then, almost every time I try to connect to my PRO-HD it just says “No Video Signal” anyway and sits at the connecting screen indefinitely. There is a video signal, as I never have an issue using my computer to watch TV for hours.

    Also I have yet to find channel +/- buttons or favorite channel settings. There’s mention of being able to see TV guide listings but it’s always grayed out for me despite being configured and working on my PC. I hate to keep complaining, but there are just a lot of flaws with this app. Not just missing features, but it barely even works and is a downgrade compared to the Windows Mobile app 4-5 years ago that preceded it.

  4. @David K: This was one of the first things I did and there appears to be no settings that enable WP7 to open Orb audio or video streams, that is setting Orb to use Windows Media streams doesn’t even work. It’s another media implementation disappointment. Seems to me they would prefer you buy a Zune Pass than stream all your already-purchased music from home. I wonder if the Zune HD could do it?

  5. Is the newer version functional, I am hoping to get a Slip box HD from the santa man. Am I going to be able to use it?


  6. @Ktdan1: You can certainly use a Slingbox PRO-HD with this version of SlingPlayer. It does work, and it does the basics well. Just be aware that it is not as feature-ful as the older Windows Mobile SlingPlayer.

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