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mobile-operating-systems-overall-scoresPC Magazine recently had a Reader’s Choice Award polling, and what mobile operating system ended up on top?

Windows Phone.  Apple came in second, but it’s satisfaction ratings were flat from last year’s polling. No change. Android OS came in third, but improved from last year.

Read the article – it has a lot of the usual things (WP users frustrated with app selection, Android users more satisfied with newer devices), but it’s the third graphic that I found Very Interesting. 88% of MS OS users chose MS because of the OS. Apple’s strength here is in apps, people having had a prior model, and ease of use. Android showed strong in choice for OS, 4G capability, and display size or quality.

Remember: this is a satisfaction survey, and each OS was scored based on the satisfaction numbers, not overall numbers. Yes, Apple and Android make up 90% of the market, but this is looking at only self-reporting satisfaction.


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