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Mobility Digest Review: Xoopar Robo Power Bank 2000mA External Battery

Most external batteries on the market only come with one type of connection for devices or you have to change the tips. Some companies charge you extra for other tips that you may need further adding to the overall cost of the external battery. Today for review I’ve got an external battery that can charge any and all USB devices without having to buy tips for it as they’re all included for you. The device is called the Xoopar Robo Power Bank and it comes complete with mini and micro USB connection, an Apple style connector and a standard female USB connection so you can connect any USB enabled device to it for charging. It truly is an all-in-one device that I find very useful and rather neat…

Author: Kristofer Brozio

Vendor: Mobile Fun

Price: £23.95 / $37.99

Overall Rating: 4.5/5


Xoopar Robo Power Bank 2000mA External Battery – White

Keep your smartphones and portable electronics full charged with this fun robot design portable battery with USB, Micro USB, 5 pin, 30 pin, and USB female adapters included in the design.

Portable 2,000mAh capacity external battery
Give almost any device a full charge with the Xoopar Robo Power Bank External Battery. With an impressive 2,000mAh capacity, it can charge iPhones, iPods, all smart phones, GPS, and digital cameras.

As most modern smartphones having a battery capacity of around 1,500mA, the Xoopar Power Bank will provide around 1.5 full charges before the unit itself needs recharging. It also features a 4 stage LED power indicator which lets you know at a quick glance how much battery you have left it.

Fun design with universal adaptors included
Add a bit of fun and personality to your home or office with the robot inspired Xoopar Power Bank. Each arm and leg is a built-in adapter which allows you to charge virtually any mobile and Apple device via Micro USB, Mini USB, 30 pin Apple or USB female connections. Additionally each appendage is fully adjustable which allows for fun poses when not in use.

Small and portable size for use anywhere
Measuring just 120 × 50 × 12.6 mm, the Xoopar Robo Power Bank is a truly portable emergency power source. Simply charge it up and take it with you wherever you go, the Power Bank is great for long journeys and commutes to ensure that your mobile devices are fully charged.

Technical Specifications:
Weight: 60g
Size: 120 × 50 × 12.6mm
Battery Type: Rechargeable battery
Battery capacity: 2000mA
Charge voltage: 4.5 ~ 6.0V
Charging current: ≤ 570mA
Charging time: 3.5h
End-of-charge voltage: 4.2V
Discharge voltage: 5.3V
Discharge current: Less than 1A
Discharge time: 400mA * 3.5h

Speaking of batteries Mobile Fun now carries a Nexus 7 battery in case you might need one!

What’s in the Box?

Let’s start with the box as usual and I have to say the box is nice, it’s a thick plastic display style box. This is one of those boxes that you don’t throw away but find another use for…



The box opens from the front like a door.


Inside the box you find much, just the Xoopar battery and a brief user manual.


One of the features of the Xoopar is that when it’s not a battery it can be your little desk buddy as the ‘arms’ and ‘legs’ can be posed.


Yes it look just like a person with arms, legs and even a head with eyes.


The back is just plain, nothing to see here, move along…


On the right side is a switch for syncing and charging, just slide it to the mode you need.


On the left side is the battery check button, press the button and it will display how much charge is left on the Xoopar.


The left hand is a microUSB connection and the right is a miniUSB connection.


The left foot is a female standard USB connection while the right foot is a regular male USB connector.


The head is a removable cover that pops off to reveal the Apple connector. Here you can get a better look at the two eyes it has as well. It’s held on by a string so you don’t lose it.



Impressions / Review:

For testing I charged stuff of course! The first thing before charging anything with the Xoopar is to charge its battery and this is done just by plugging it into a standard USB port. Charging time varies on how low the battery is.


The LED light not only indicates power and charging but also let’s you know how much battery is left when you press the button. Each quarter of the square represent 25% charge, pretty simple visual way to know at a glance how much power you’ve got to work with.


The top connector is for Apple devices only and I used it for my iPod Touch. After I plugged it in it starting charging just like normal.


I used the microUSB connection to charge my HTC Titan. When I plugged it in the red LED came on to let me know it was charging.


One of the things I really like about this product is the fact that you’re not limited at to what you can charge since it has a standard USB port on it. I got out my Zune cable and charged my ZuneHD and it worked just fine. Basically you can charge any type of USB enabled device even if it doesn’t have a microUSB or miniUSB connector on it, you just need the USB cable that came with it. You can charge phones, bluetooth headsets, cameras or any other USB type gadget.


Another great feature is the fact that the Xooper work like a USB hub so you can charge and sync at the same time. Once your device is plugged into the Xoopar, just plug it into your computer and you’re ready to go.


Sadly, according to the user manual, you can only charge one device at a time. I saw all of those connections and my first thought was I could charge multiple devices at the same time, but you can’t. Oh well, it would have been nice, but not a big deal as it’s still very handy.

One small complaint I could have is the lack of covers on the mini and micro USB connectors. Apple gets a cover and the regular USB connections get a cover but not those. Having a cover would have been nice especially if you’re tossing it in a bag for travel. I also have to wonder why the Apple connector gets a nice tether to make sure you don’t lose it but the others don’t?! It seems this company favors Apple a bit….

The Xoopar can provide power for 1.5 full charges of a 1500mA battery, which to me means one full charge per day really which should be more than enough for most people I would think. I have other external batteries and I use them basically for just one device at a time anyway, so I guess it all depends on your needs. How many charges you really get all depends of course on what type of battery is in the devices you want to charge.



The Xoopar is just a cool little gadget I think in more ways ways than one. Sure it’s an external battery that can charge pretty much everything but it’s also a cute little desktop companion that you can pose and even play with if you want.

The Xoopar is small and portable and it seems well made, so it should survive being tossed in your bag with the rest of your stuff. It’s easy to use and in addition to charging it can also let you sync your devices.

If you need power on the go for multiple devices, the Xoopar is the way to go I think.

The price is $38 and I think it’s worth it, I’ve seen external batteries that cost two to three time as much and then they make you buy charging tips as well. The Xoopar has everything you need for power on the go.


+Can charge multiple devices without searching for tips
+Can sync as well as charge
+Portable and well made
+Fun little gadget overall


-Can’t charge more than one device at a time
-No covers for mini and micro USB connections
-No tether for regular USB covers

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