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Apple Outs A New iPhone Ad: The Camera

Apple outs their new iPhone 5 commercial heavily advertising the wonders of the 5’s camera. For years now, Apple has been leading the industry in camera quality, starting with the 3GS and really coming to fame with the 4.

But, today, things are a bit different. With the Lumia 920 leading the industry with the best overall shooter, the HTC One right behind it with only a 4MP rating and the brand new SG4 calling it a close tie with the iPhone 5, things are surely different.

So, if the iPhone now finds itself at the bottom of the pile, why the push? First off, leader or not, it still takes some amazing images, and is just enough for most. And secondly, Apple likes to remind us, the iPhone is the single most device used to take pictures every day. That my friends, is a big deal. So, push on Apple, push on!