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Zombie Burst Free Today for iPhone

zombie-burst-freeIf you are looking for a disturbing way to pass some time for free today and have an iPhone or iPod then check out Zombie Burst. Normally priced at $.99 it is free at the App Store.

Zombie Burst is the first of its kind amongst the realm of Zombie apps, putting a unique spin on the ever-thrilling Zombie hunt! After 99% of humankind is turned into pimple-headed Zombies due to a contamination of the world’s water supply, you as the sole survivor must use your freakishly strong hands against the ruthless biting machines by bursting their brains as you fight your way out of Chicago.
With ten eerie Windy City inspired levels to play through, you must burst countless brains and wipe away the Zombie goo in order to unlock achievements, score points and see if you have what it takes to own the leaderboard in this frightfully addictive game!

Head on over to the App Store and grab a copy for yourself or CLICK HERE.

[via Gear Diary]