Sony Teases New PS4 Design

After Sony’s big announcement, some walked away a bit down because they didn’t show what the actual console would look like. Not that I care, but it would have been nice to see what design queues Sony came up with.

Now, just a day before Microsoft’s big reveal, son outs a teaser video to hopefully keep you from slipping too far into Xbox’s web. Check out the short video below.


  1. hey Ramon.. Nintendo lately – is it cool or is it whack? I’m hearing whack, something about Youtube shenanigans.

    Also, GTA, haven’t played it since Vice City. Question, due to the politically correct movement, have they shown increasing restraint, or can you still pick up hookers, have relations, and then kill them in order to take their money and other such happytime things?

  2. Nintendo is in deep trouble! they released what is equivalent to an iphone 4S… right when people wanted an ipone 5. with sony and microsoft both pulling out the big guns, they’re not looking too good! and the sales reflect it!

    but… the wii u is still dope, just not enough.

  3. im sure GTA will stir up the pot again, the problem is, people piss up a storm about gta and forget their kids are watching die hard trilogy in the next room, thus making them idiots and high on my ignore list.

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