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SpareOne Debuts World’s Only Cell Phone That Runs on a Single AA Battery

Now this is cool, too bad it’s not a  “real” cell phone. I put that in quotes because it is a real cellphone, but then it isn’t as it’s made to be for emergency use only. The SpareOne phone is powered by a single AA battery and supposedly it can last up to 15 years! Now that’s the kind of power we need for a regular phones isn’t it? Read the lengthy PR below to find out more, they can tell you more than I can in the intro here about the phone..


SpareOne provides up to 10 hours of talk time and 15 years (yes, years) of talk-ready stored power using a single AA battery (based on Energizer(R) Ultimate Lithium AA battery, included with phone.) Because AA batteries are the most widely used batteries in the world, SpareOne has immediately become the world’s most usable cell phone, even in the absence of electricity.

SpareOne’s slim, lightweight, minimalist design makes it ideal for slipping into purses, briefcases, backpacks, and auto glove boxes – anywhere it might be needed when power fails or a primary cell phone runs out of juice. Equipped with an emergency call button (such as 911 or 112), SpareOne can access emergency services with or without a SIM card and transmit the phone’s current location.

SpareOne includes helpful functions such as the ability to pre-program important phone numbers and auto text reply. Users may swap the SIM cards from their primary cell phones that have lost power, and continue to send and receive calls using their existing phone numbers. SpareOne also comes with a micro SIM adapter to work with iPhone SIM cards.

Created by XPAL Power, the battery technology company behind leading portable power brands PowerSkin(R) and Energizer(R) Energi to Go(R), SpareOne is a dual-band GSM cell phone with patented technology enabling it to be powered using any AA battery (Alkaline, NiMH or Lithium).

"In addition to providing a vital lifeline during emergencies, SpareOne is a perfect back-up phone that you never have to worry about keeping charged," said Alan Cymberknoh, SpareOne Project Director at XPAL Power.

SpareOne, will be available mid-March to ship worldwide. Pre-orders currently are being accepted at . Different GSM versions of the phone for the Americas and Europe/Asia/Africa/Oceania will be available.

SpareOne’s myriad of uses include:

Emergencies: With a built-in torchlight and the ability to automatically transmit its location, SpareOne is a reliable tool for urgent response (911) during a crisis or natural disaster, when AA batteries may be the only power source available.

Families: SpareOne provides peace of mind to families. Its nine customizable, easy-to-set speed dial buttons keep open lines of communication with children, seniors and other loved ones.

Travel: Tourism/travel/airline companies may customize SpareOne for their customers, programming it with minutes that travelers can use to make calls at local rates, and pre-programming the phones with one-button numbers to taxis, restaurants, airlines, and local concierge services.

Outdoor Enthusiasts: SpareOne is an ideal safety companion for people who enjoy outdoor activities such as yachting, skiing, hunting and fishing. Wherever there is cell phone coverage, SpareOne maintains its ability to make and receive calls and to be located in an emergency, with or without electrical power.

Rural/Developing World: Because SpareOne uses the most common battery (AA) for power, it serves as a reliable communications tool in remote or rural areas where power is not readily or consistently available.

Special events & corporate branding: SpareOne will offer customized phone designs and colors for corporate branding and messaging.