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T-Mobile’s Vibrant Android Device On Amazon $0.01

vibrantthumb Yesterday T-Mobile ran a sale on the Samsung Galaxy S Android device they happily named as the Vibrant. Today, Amazon says they can do $98.99 dollars better than T-Mobile and offer the Vibrant at 1 Penny! $0.01 get’s you a very nice shiny new T-Mobile Vibrant with all it’s Super AMOLED, 1GHz Processor, 5 megapixel shooting goodness. Here’s More:

The Samsung Vibrant™ gives users multi-touch pinch and zoom browsing capabilities, allowing intuitive fingertip control. It offers a bright, clear, and low reflective Super AMOLED display, featuring a high-resolution WVGA (800×480 pixels) screen that brings graphics and movement to life.


  • 4” Super AMOLED screen
  • 1 Ghz processor
  • Built-in 16GB of memory
  • 5 megapixel camera
  • Android Market™
  • Google applications
  • Personal and work e-mail
  • Wi-Fi web browsing
  • GPS navigation system
  • Swype®



Head on over to Amazon for more details and to get yourself hooked with a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant



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