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Speculation about the Nokia 710 coming to T-Mobile USA is Misguided!(Updated)

So WinRumors was kind enough to point out that the FCC tested Nokia 710 has the unique T-Mobile USA AWS Band or 1700Mhz. Now many know that T-Mobile is the only carrier in the US to use the 1700Mhz band for 3G. Many(I wont name names…) have also assumed that because the 710 has this frequency, it must be destined for T-Mobile. Well it this was a HTC phone, this line of reasoning would be sound, however we are not talking about HTC, Samsung, Motorola, or any other manufacturer. This is Nokia, the makers of the only (as far as I know of) pentaband 3G antennas in consumer phones today.

For 3G signals, there are 5 major frequencies(850, 900, 1700, 1900, 2100) used worldwide by carrers. pentaband for 3G is equivalent to quadband for 2G, in the sense that it covers EVERYTHING under the sky in terms of compatibility. Nokia has been making phones with pentaband radios for awhile now, just look at the N8, E7, N9 (the Lumia 800’s Meego Sibling), and the 603 (the Lumia 710’s Symbian sister). For all of these phones 1700Mhz is fully supported, and absolutely NONE of them are available for purchase from T-Moblie USA.

So the take away? The FCC test means that the 710 will likely sell in the US, it doesn’t support any claim that suggests it will come to T-Mobile. It, however, doesn’t mean that T-Mobile wont get it. I only wanted to point out the fact that this info was being greatly misinterpreted by many and I wanted to relieve you all of your false hopes. Disagree with my assessment? Let me know in the comments!


Update: I’m man enough to admit when I’m wrong, and I think this might one of those times…thanks Surer!

[via] Engadget